Our Level 2 Ground Disturbance course is designed for workers and supervisors involved with all aspects of ground disturbance, including line locating, issuing or receiving permits, hand or mechanical excavating as well as types of excavations.

Participants will be able to understand legislations and safety regulations, requirements as well as steps to take in pre-planning and items to consider when it comes to the actual dig. 

Course Type:


Course Description: 

  • 8 hour duration
  • Clarifying sources when searching for underground facilities
  • Providing and receiving notification for facility owners
  • Approvals/crossing agreements and regulations required for creating a ground disturbance
  • Site drawing or plot plan
  • How line-locating works and types of exposure
  • Conducting a back-fill inspection
  • Permits and pre-job meetings
  • Emergency response plans and steps to take if an underground line is contacted