Critical Hazard HSE knows that environmental awareness on any job is one of the top priorities, let us help you set up or even run your environmental program.  We perform environmental assessments and controls, in-stream works and consult on environmentally sensitive areas. 

Critical Hazard HSE plays a vital role in the environmental energy and industrial service industries when it comes to our environment and natural resources. We have developed numerous programs and initiatives to ensure that all operations comply with environmental policies, and we focus on activities that will improve the company’s overall impact on the environment.

Environmental services refer to the functions of natural non-produced assets of land, water and air which include related ecosystems.There are 3 basic types of environmental services:

  • Disposal services which reflect the functions of the natural environment as an absorptive sink for residuals.
  • Productive services which reflect the economic functions of providing natural resource inputs and space for production and consumption.
  • Consumer or consumption services which provide for physiological as well as recreational and related needs of human beings.